Savings Success Center

“How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts?  I rest my case.”

~ Robert G. Allen

Rapid Savings Club

The Rapid Savings Club (RSC) is a cooperative savings method designed to provide ongoing, frequent savings deposits thru communal sponsoring to members over an infinite period. The one-time sponsorship within a Rapid Savings Club community continues to be re-sponsored.

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Tree of Life Fund

Tree of Life Fund (TOL) is a fund created with you in mind, highlighting and educating you on the concept of “Pay Self First, Borrow from Self, and Pay Self Back”. It is a core element that our Savings Clubs revolve around, which fosters self-sufficiency.

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Kick Start Program

The Kick Start Program (KSP) is a cooperative method designed for transitioning out of the Elements of Success (EOS) program and jumpstart into our new updated savings programs. This process will transition current members with the assistance of new members.

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